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Terry James Walker B.Sc, MIA, BASI 4 ISTD
Hello! I'm a freelance mountaineering instructor (MIA) based in Llanberis, North Wales. From April to December I run skill based courses in the mountains and on the sea cliffs of this wonderful area of natural beauty. I graduated in 2005, then worked all over the world developing software. Finally after gaining many qualifications in the outdoor profession, I committed to this life style. Winters Ski Teaching in the Alps and Summer Rock Climbing and Scrambling in Snowdonia. My qualifications are outlined below for both your personal interest or if you are interested in following my path.

MLTUK Mountain Based Qualifications:
Outdoor Emergency First Aid - 2 days
Enhanced Disclosure CRB checked
Mountain Leader Award - MLA(S)
Pre-reqs: Years of experience Hillwalking, register on the scheme, 20 logged quality mountain days, 6 day MLTE training course, 1 year consolidation period with 20 days in overnight wild camps.
5 Days MLTE Assessment on all mountain leader skills.
Single Pitch Award - SPA
Pre-Reqs: Years of Leading Traditional Rock Climbs, 2 Day SPA Training Course, consolidation period of more logged climbs, 2 day Assessment covering all single pitch climbing instructor skills.
Mountaineering Instructor Award - MIA
Pre-reqs: Work with your MLA for 20 days with sole responsibility for the group, have a wealth of climbing experience and log 40 recognised multi-pitch climbs above VerySevere 4c difficulty on mountain and seacliff crags in at least 3 regions of the UK.
Attend 9 day intensive MIA training course, 12 months consolidation, 20 more MLA days, 20 more SPA days, 20 more recognised multi-pitch climbs above the standards, acquire a reference from a respected mentor.
Attend 5 day MIA Assessment course in all aspects of mountaineering skills and rescues. I am now a member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors - AMI, where by we have compulsory CPD of at least 3 days CPD training per 3 years.
International Mountain Leader Award - IML
I'm am currently in the process of gaining this award:
Pre-reqs: 20 Summer International Mountain Days, 20 Winter Mountain Days
5 Day Training Course: covering Altitude Sickness, Advanced Navigation, GPS, Rope work, Environmental Awareness, etc
Speed Navigation Test: Finding the correct 5 waypoints on the side of a mountain using a 1:25k map, within a set time limit.
4 Day Summer Assessment: Still to be completed
5 Day Winter Training: Still to be completed
5 Day Winter Assessment: Still to be completed

BASI Ski Instructing / Teaching Qualifications:
Alpine Level 1 Instructor
Pre-Reqs: Years of skiing experience. 5 day training and assessment course. 35 hours instructing/shadowing experience. Child Protection Course, First Aid Certificate.
Snowboard Level 1 Instructor
As Above, with 5 day Assessment.
Alpine Level 2 Instructor
Pre-Reqs: 35 more hours instructing at Level 1, 10 day BASI training and Assessment in the Alps, focusing on technical abilities and teaching methodologies.
Alpine Level 3 Teacher - ISIA
Pre-Reqs: 200 more hours instructing at level 2, 10 Day Technical Assessment your skiing in all areas/terrains. 5 Day Teaching Assessment of your performance analysis, communication and technical understanding. 5 Day Common Theory course in Cairngorm on Nutrition, BioMechanics, Strength and Conditioning, Psychology. 2 Home learning modules on Anatomy and Biology for Sports Coaches, 2 Day Race Coaching Training and Assessment, 2nd Language Oral Test, 6 Day Off Piste Mountain Safety Assessment.
This qualification holds the International Ski Instructor Association, Stamp and has equivalence with the other alpine ski nations qualification schemes.
Alpine Level 4 Ski Teaching Diploma - ISTD
Pre-Reqs: 200 more hours of Teaching, Logged Ski Tours over 1000m trips. 5 Day BASI L4 Technical Assessment, 5 Days Teaching Assessment, 3 Days Race Coach Level 2 Assessment, 4 Days Euro Mountain Security L4 (Off Piste Teaching) Training, 3 Days EMS L4 Assessment, 4000 word dissertation.
European Speed Test - a Giant Slalom race to within 18% of the current world No. 1.