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The titles on the right are links to a few pieces I have written on various subjects that I consider myself to either be knowledgeable or experienced in, or educated enough to provide a tongue in cheek perspective on.

I am certainly not an injury physio, but have provided an account of the injury I sustained and how I came back from it.

Equally, I'm not a sports dietician or nutritionist, but have provided an honest article summarising a few steps that helped me to gain weight and put on bulk ready for 5 weeks on a glacier ski racing.

I do though happen to be very qualified to give opinion on the subject of balancing on a pair of skis, so that article is probably worth a read more than any of the others! For a light hearted look at the world of ski 'tecking' and ski preparation, delve into that piece. If you've had much experience putting a file to an edge, then you should appreciate the humour.

There is plenty of other content and up to date stories and adventures beign described at my alternate blog.

Happy Reading, any comments are very welcome, and I'll keep writing.

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