Scrambling Courses

Scrambling is considered to be hillwalking with elements of easy climbing, alternatively as easy climbing with elements of hillwalking! It's one of my favourite activities and gives the best days work out in the mountains. In Snowdonia we are blessed with natural ridge lines and rocky outcrops leading to summits. The Glyderau and Carneddau host some of the top scrambles in the UK, and with the Snowdon Massif we have 3 incredible ranges to explore. A few of the best are North Ridge Tryfan + Bristly Ridge, Carneddau Horseshoe, Person's Arete and Crib Goch.

Introduction to Scrambling in Snowdonia

1 or 2 Day; £150 1 person, £75pp 2 people, £55pp 3 people, £50 4+
This course is ideal for groups of people wanting to get away from the crowds and make their days out in the hills a lot more interesting. We will encounter ground which will require some use of our hands to assist in moving forwards and upwards. The focus is on movement skills on rocky ground. To make the best of this we will use terrain with that has an associated grade in terms of scrambling. Ie North Ridge Tryfan, or Crib Goch Snowdon (Grade 1). You require no previous experience, just a keen sense to get out and have fun in the mountains.

Graded Scrambles - Skills and Techniques

1 or 2 Day Course; £170/150 1 person, £90/80pp 2 people
This course is for people already comfortable on reasonably steep and rocky terrain, with good experience in hillwalking, looking to get involved in some challenging scrambling. The course will set out with the intention of using a rope and harnesses to safeguard each person. This allows us to access the best positions and situations in the mountains. It will take us up routes such as Amphitheater Gully in the Carneddau, a full on mountain day!

Advanced Scrambling - Rope Work and Protection

1 or 2 Day Course; £170/150 1 person, £90/80pp 2 people
This course is aimed at people wanting to gain the skills to be safe moving on Grade 3 terrain. The use of a rope and harnesses will be part of the course, as well as leading short sections of pitched scrambling. It is important to have a strong hillwalking background with scrambling experience. Rock Climbing experience is not necessary but helpful. On this course we aim to tackle routes such as Shark Buttress (3) and Clogwyn yr Person's arete (3). With the skills learned and developed from this, you can feel comfortable with your partner heading out to do almost any graded scramble.

Alpine Preparation Course

2 - 5 Day Course; £150 1 person/p/d, £75pp 2 people/p/d
Are you heading to the Alps this summer and attempting any summits? This course will teach you the skills required to protect you and your partner in alpine terrain. North Wales is/was the place where many mountaineering teams have trained for the greater ranges, including the 1953 Everest expedition with Edmund Hillary. The course focuses on efficiency and safety enabling you to move at speed. You will develop much versatility in your skills and be able to apply them to many scenarios. Topics covered include moving together, taking coils, placing protection, route finding, navigation and other important skills for the Alps and beyond. This course is suitable for any level of experience and will be tailored to suit your needs depending on your trip plans.

Complete Scrambler Course - Hillwalker to Scrambler

5 Day Course; £600 1 person, £350pp 2 people, £300 3 people+
Five days with an instructor is an amazing way to gain the skills required to progress your scrambling. This course is aimed to start at your personal level of knowledge and experience, then progressing as far as possible over the 5 days. Previous experience of hillwalking is essential as we will be spending 5 days out in the hills. A full range of venues and rock types will be visited according to the conditions showing you the delights of Snowdonia whilst teaching the necessary skills for you to head off scrambling anywhere in the world.

Tailor your own Scrambling Course

Days tbc and £tbc
If you have not seen anything meeting your needs in the above courses, then please get in contact and we can easily provide a bespoke package. I would also be happy to travel to other areas and cost would need to be considered. Generally a similar amount as the above course, with my time going out at about £140 a day.

Further Information...

Equipment Lists
A decent pair of high ankle boots is essential on these courses, they are safer, more comfortable and they will last you a long time, so worth the investment. Waterproof top and bottoms and warm clothes along with a small back pack (about 20 litres)
Venues and Weather
We will be heading out into the local mountains here as they offer some of the best scrambling in the UK. There are bad weather options, such as the Moelwyns, but generally scrambling in the rain is a lot of fun anyway.
Background reading
Scrambles in Snowdonia bu Steve Ashton, Scrambles and Easy Climbs in Snowdonia by Jon Sparks, Ridges of Snowdonia by Steve Ashton, Hill Walking by Steve Long and John Cousins
Llwyn Celyn Bach (Llanberis Campsite), YHA Llaberis, Pete's Eats Bunkhouse, The Heights Hotel