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Terry James Walker

Sports Nutritionist
Nutrition and Exercise Scientist

Nutrition Advice & Plans

Initial Nutrition Consultation

Free Session

This aims to assess the current dietary situation of the person / athlete, and suggest a potential strategy to meet the goals of the person / athlete.

Nutrition Plan

From £20

Sessions to monitor current food intake (diary /MyFitnessPal), and formulate a plan to meet the goals and timeframes of the client/athlete, through education of nutrients, metabolism and habits.

Sub-max VO2 Test

£20 per test

£100 - 6 Tests across a year

This is a submaximal VO2 aerobic capacity test. Carried out using the Chester Step Test, an accurate monitor of cardiorespiratory change.

Body Fat % Measurement

£20 per test

This session measures your body size, structure and composition. Including a 7 point skin fold calculation, and sport specific measures. These tests work best to monitor changes over time.


Rock Climbing & Sports Nutrition

If you have an interest, like myself, in the workings of the body and the best ways to fuel and supplement for a goal/event/climb/race, then get in contact to arrange a free consultantion to see how a Nutrition plan could help you.  I can cover subjects and areas such as:

  • Macronutrition - ratios and requirements for sports

  • Nutrition for training

  • Nutrition on event day

  • Nutrition and timings for recovery

  • Nutrition for anabolism: growth / gains

  • The science of weight loss and performance

  • When and what to eat for fat loss and muscle retention

  • Biochemistry and physiology of metabolism

  • Health and immunology

  • A guide to supplements for sport

  • Needs and requirements of special diets (I.e. Vegans and Coeliacs)

  • Shopping tactics and recipes!

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